Caries Treatment

Kinderzahnarzt Kariesbehandlung


The first step in the treatment of children's teeth are the diagnostics. We closely examine your child, determine the caries risk and the resulting requirements for treatment.


Dental Care

If a child's teeth are already beset with caries or lost due to an accident, dental care is necessary. Dependent on the severity of the findings fillings, children's crowns, placeholders or prostheses come into play.


Types of Treatment

Fear and pain don't have to be a part of a treatment. The severity of the medical procedure, age, fear and the willingness to cooperate of the child determine the type of treatment. Often a sedation with our "Tooth Jam" or our "Water of Sleep" is sufficient. We treat small or fearful children with nitrous oxide, hypnosis or sedation. If a lot of teeth are affected there is the possibility of a general anesthesia.



We have experienced that children respond very well to naturopathic therapies. We offer different diagnostic approaches and treatment methods that see themselves as an alternative or complement to classical denistry.