Laser Diagnostics

The sooner caries is treated, the lower the damage will be. The caries detector "DIAGNOdent" discovers dental diseases at an absolutely early stage, even before they are visible or perceptible. Therefore, we can detect even the smallest caries defects – totally painless and without any radiation exposure.

Determining the Caries Risk

The estimation of the caries risk is important in order to individually and selectively plan the ensuing support. After checking the set of teeth (surface structure and close spacing of the teeth, condition of old fillings, etc.) we perform a careful stock-taking regarding the nutrition behaviour, the brushing habits, the use of fluoride, etc. If requested, we will examine the quality and composition of the saliva, since it comprises the natural repair mechanism of the teeth.

Digital X-Ray

In some cases, it is prudent to x-ray the jaws. We take an overview image of new patients in order to analyse the tooth development and rule out any diseases. For children with active caries a detailed image gives us advanced information on diseases, especially if the inside planes between the teeth are not visible. The digital x-ray machine we use is among the most sophisticated x-ray technologies and reduces the radiation load by up to 90%!