Tooth accident

Tooth accident concerning a deciduous tooth

If a milk tooth is completly knocked out by accident, it should be replanted (stuck back in), since the risk of damage to the gums and the following tooth is to great. Weather the milk tooth is loosened, chipped or offset, after an accident you should always come to our surgery. The dentist will then decide whether it is necessary to make a x-ray or arrange for different measures. Often an antibacterial gel is prescribed, which helps against inflammation. A possible consequence of loosing a milk tooth maybe the darking of the tooth concerned, but this does not usually require treatment. The gray coloration is similar to a hematoma (bruise) and may change again over time. However, when it comes to a fistula (pustules) on the overlying gum, a dental check up and treatment are urgently requested and needed.

Dental accident concering a permanent tooth

If a permanent tooth is knocked out completely by accident, quick action should be taken immedately. The correct behaviour in the first few minutes is cruicial for the fate of the tooth. In order not damage the knocked out tooth further, it needs to be kept from drying out and to make sure the tissue around the root is not damaged. The tooth must be kept properly until you reach the dentist. This is best done in a tooth-rescure-box (fig. 2). Alternatively, the tooth can be placed and transported in isotonic saline or cold UHT molk. These alternatives can only be used for a short period of time (milk 1-2hrs and saline for 30mins only)! The same applies for a piece of a broken tooth. If you make it to the surgery within time, the tooth will be reimplanted. These are the best options to preserve the tooth permanently. However, if the accident has caused a dental trauma to the tooth nerve it would probably call for a root canal treatment in the future. Broken tooth pieces will be reattached using a high quality composite.

The correct procedure:

  1. kieep calm and act quickly
  2. search for the tooth/piece immediately
  3. do not handle the knocked out tooth on the tooth root!
  4. No cleansing, rinsing or disinfecting!
  5. Place tooth immediately into a tooth rescure box (or if not in hand, in brine or UHT-milk)
  6. in case of heavy bleeding, place a piece of gauze or a lint-free piece of cloth on it, cool outwardly
  7. consult a denist or dental clinic as fast as possible

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How to protect teeth?

Best to not let teeth get damaged in an accident at all!

In many sports ( Stock- and contact sports, even soccer, handball, inline skating, etc.), it is useful to actively protect the teeth against accidents. This is possible done with helmets with an integrated chin guard or through mouthguards.

One can differentiate between prefabricated and laboratory-made dentist splints. The laboratory-made splints are manufactured and customized by us individually. This makes them extremely comfortable while wearing. They also don't obstruct breathing. The splints are made of mulitple layers of elastic plastic - the number and thickness of each layer depends on the sport. We'll be happy to advice you!