Healthy milk teeth

Milk teeth will fall out anyways, so a hole or a missing tooth cannot be that bad right? You could not be more wrong!
A complete and caries free set of milk teeth dentures does not only ensure a radiant and confident smile of a child but also set the prerequisite for a healthy permanent dentition for the future.
Our biggest concern is that sick baby teeth infect the new permanent teeth. This is exactly what will happen because caries is a highly contagious infectious disease. It is accompanied by an unfavorable oral flora and is triggered by bacterial plaque. If a permanent tooth grows in such unhealthy environment, the risk of future caries increases significantly!

Thorough brushing the nuts and bolts to prevent tooth decay - every child knows this. But despite model toothbrushing, the carious devil strikes again and again.

Two cruicial reasons for this are:

1) Dental Care and diet are not attuned to the individual risk of caries.

Some children are have a higher risk of getting caries than others. Special care is necessary. The main factors that affect the risk of caries are:

  • Tooth substance: How well is the enamel mineralized?
  • Tooth shape: depth of the fissures (= grooves in the molars)
  • Tooth positions: close or even nested standing teeth
  • Saliva: Saliva quanitity, composition and consistency

2) The toothbrush is not enough to remove stubborn deposits

Usually the ugly-looking plaque builds on areas on the tooth, that is hard to reach with the brush. For example, the transitions to the gums (vervical) or even below the gingival cuff (gingival pockets).

Our goal is that our patients never get a filling in their adult teeth. Hardly an adult can claim that!

If milk teeth are lost to caries before the permanent teeth grow, there is a chance that there might be a deformity in the dentures. Sick teeth can also trigger chronic diseases, because everything in our body is networked in some way or another.