Professional help, training and tipps for healthy teeth

The dental prophylaxis combines all measures that serve to prevent dental diseases - for healthy natural teeth for a lifetime. This includes proper nutrition and dental care at home as well as professional assistance and support from the "Waschzahn" team.

Teethbrushing School

We should start with brushing childrens teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. At "Waschzahn" we playfully teach kids how to use the toothbrush properly with showing them their weak spots by staining their teeth. Many children have the problem that their teeth stand close together, therefore primal caries risk are high. The spaces inbetween the teeth can be only cleaned with dental floss or special little dental flossbows. The team explains proper handling in detail to parents and patients.

Professional tooth cleaning

No matter how thoroughly teeth are cleaned at home, there are always places that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush. Therefore professional tooth cleaning is a must! With gentle, child-friendly polishing brushes and a delicious fruity-tasting polishing paste we remove plaque and ensure a bright childrens smile. At the same time the teeth surfaces are varnished to that deposits can no longer easily adhere. The tooth cleaning is completely painless and prepares children gently to subsequent treatment.

Fissure sealing

All molars have their own surface grooves and furrows. These fissures provide food particles and thus decay-causing bacteria good adhesion capabilities and can not always be thoroughly cleaned by the toothbrush. With deep fissures it is therefore advisable to seal healthy molars with a special light-curing resin to provide a long lasting caries protection.


Sweet and acidic juices for children are the main cause for damage to the milk teeth. Our prophylaxis team explains to parnets and children about the dangers of various foods and gives tips for a healthy, tooth caring diet, without having to give up treats!


Fluoride is a natural, essential trace element in our organism, which increases the reisitance of our teeth against acid attacks (i.e. fruit juices). It hardens the dental enamel and mineralizes incipient tooth decay. However the amount of fluoride in childrens food is hardly enough to make a difference.