Our Team

The personnel in our surgery is especially trained in the treatment of children. But also outside of work children remain our main focus. All female employees either have children of their own or plan to. Aside from the joy of working with children, social and emotional competence are of major importance.

Our Doctor Team

Dr. Bettina Brem
Katrin Schimmelpfennig
Kinderzahnärztin & Partnerin
Sylvia Meidner

Our Assistants Team

Jennifer Blum
Abrechnung, Organisation, Verwaltung & Empfang
Juliane Rätzel
Assistenz und OP-Leitung
Jennifer Einwang
Empfang, Organisation & Verwaltung
Sandra Wittig-Straßer
Kinderprophylaxe & Empfang
Julia Koller
Empfang & Kinderprophylaxe
Laura Dehnert
Empfang & Kinderprophylaxe
Wioletta Mysik

Our Trainees

Katrin Orthuber
Auszubildende zur ZFA
Burcu Timur
Auszubildende zur ZFA
Hacer Demirel
Auszubildende zur ZFA
Lisa Mielke
Auszubildende zur ZFA
Dilara Erenler
Auszubildende zur ZFA