Treatment Concept

Children are open about new experiences. Our goal is to promote and preserve the childs curiosity and their willingness to cooperate through child-oriented treatment concepts. We know what our little patients like and take care to create an anxiety free and positive atmosphere. Our experiences and training is specifically aimed at the dental practice for treating children. 

Children are not small adults. They require completely different treatment methods than a grown patient. With love, funny stories, puppets and a magic wand we ensure a comfortable atmosphere. Helpful are also exciting DVDs shown on the ceiling, distracting word games or hypnosis techniques. If those do not help, we have the possibilites of sedation, nitrous oxide or general anesthesia. The fact that we explain everything beforehand expremely thoroughly, we ensure an almost painless, guaranteed pleasent and successful treatment. 

At the first appointment, child and parent are given the opportunity to get to know and understand our surgery better and build trust. After the dental diagnosis and an assement of readiness in the child for the treatment, the treatment and details for further actions will be planned.