Vita Zä Carmen Kanwischer

Children are not small adults. That's why it takes a lot of experience and sensitivity to be able to create the very individual treatment concept for each child. I want to guide my little patients through the treatment in a child-friendly way to give them and their parents a positive dental experience - the best prerequisite for lifelong healthy and radiant teeth.


2003-2009 Study of dentistry in Gießen
2010 Approbation
2010-2011 Practice for paediatric dentistry at Münchner Freiheit, Dr. Ch. L. Butz & colleagues
2011 Curriculum Paediatric and Adolescent Dentistry, APWIEAZF Munich (Certification 2012)
2011-2018 International practice for paediatric dentistry and orthodontics, MVZ Munich
2011+2012 Advanced training in laughing gas
Seit Juni 2018 Curriculum "Dental Hypnosis" of the DGZH Munich
Seit Oktober 2018 Paediatric dental practice Lachzahn


Curriculum for specialisation in paediatric and adolescent dentistry 2011/ 2012, Curriculum dental hypnosis 2018, Advanced training in emergency medicine, nitrous oxide application, behavioural guidance, prophylaxis, traumatology, minor orthodontics, conservative dentistry, caries infiltration

Mitglied in folgenden Fachgesellschaften:

DGKIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinderzahnheilkunde / German Society for Paediatric Dentistry)

DGZMK (dt. Gesellschaft f. Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde / Germany Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

School dentist for LAGZ Bayern