We help children in need

Our surgery has a godchild!

We have a godchild. Little Liz Gabriela is 8 years old and lives in Paraguay. Her family is one of the poorest in the country, where even small children have to work to support the family. Our sponsorship enables Liz to go to school and learn for a better future and a happier life.

At Christmas, we sent our sponsored child many colourful crayons and a supply of children's toothbrushes, so that she too can give us a bright child's smile in the future.

We write to each other regularly. Liz Gabriela is very surprised that she now has so many godmothers. As a thank you for our Birthday and Christmas presents, she sends us great self-painted pictures.

We help children in need!

he number of needy children is increasing - unfortunately also in Germany. We have made it our task to help these children and to at least take good care of their teeth.

We treat children living in poverty without health insurance free of charge. In this way, we support the campaign of the Malteser Hilfsdienst.


Childrens Food Bank Glockenbach

Our practice supports the Munich Kindertafel with a regular monthly donation.
Because we know: Healthy food is the cornerstone for healthy teeth.


Greenpeace sponsor

We want to give our young patients a future worth living and loving. Therefore, our practice supports the international environmental organisation Greenpeace with a regular monthly donation.
Greenpeace fights to protect our livelihoods by preventing environmental degradation, changing behaviour and enforcing solutions.


Photo: Jan Michael Ihl