Healthy milk teeth through proper dental prophylaxis

Milk teeth fall out anyway, so a cavity or an extracted tooth can't be that bad and dental prophylaxis not that important? Wrong! A complete and caries-free set of milk teeth not only ensures a bright, self-confident child's smile, but is also the prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. If milk teeth are lost due to caries before the second teeth grow in, this can lead to malocclusions in the permanent dentition. Sick teeth can also be a trigger for chronic diseases, as almost everything in our body is interconnected.

Thorough brushing is the key to preventing tooth decay. But despite exemplary brushing behaviour, the caries devil strikes again and again. Reasons for caries are, for example:

Poor tooth structure

Deep fissure
(grooves in the molars)

Plaque in places that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush (e.g. the neck of the tooth or gum pockets).

Teeth that are crowded or interlocked

An unfavourable saliva composition and consistency

No matter how thoroughly teeth are brushed at home, professional teeth cleaning is a must!

Three-stage prophylaxis programme as a preventive concept

With our child-oriented prophylaxis programme, we take the best possible precautions for a child's long-lasting bright smile. It consists of a three-stage cycle with one main topic per session and takes into account the individual requirements of each child. Of course, we provide a lot of fun and distraction!

Every oral hygiene appointment starts with staining the plaque, as children only believe what they see. Then it's off to tooth brushing school, where we practise brushing and flossing together with the parents. During nutritional counselling, our prophylaxis team educates parents and children about the dangers of various foods and gives tips on how to eat a healthy diet that is gentle on the teeth without having to give up any treats.

This is followed by professional teeth cleaning, which is completely painless and takes place in a playful, child-friendly atmosphere. Funny children's films on the ceiling of the treatment room make our little patients laugh.

This is followed by the respective thematic focus of the oral hygiene session. As a "finish", we apply a fluoride varnish to the sparkling teeth, which contributes to fluoridation and thus to remineralisation and strengthening of the tooth structure.

Main topics of the oral hygiene session

1st appointment
Caries risk assessment with saliva test

Check of the dentition, inventory (regarding nutrition, brushing behaviour, etc.), saliva test

2nd appointment
Laser diagnostic

Examination with the caries detector "DIAGNOdent“ to detect the smallest caries defects


3rd appointment
Splint fluoridation

Most effective way of applying fluoride using a splint


Fissure sealing

All molars have grooves and furrows on their surface. These so-called fissures offer food residues and thus caries-causing bacteria good adhesion possibilities and often cannot be completely removed with a toothbrush. In the case of deep fissures, it is therefore recommended to seal healthy molars with special, light-curing plastic - an effective caries protection for many years.