Dental care

If children's teeth are already affected by caries or have been lost in an accident, a dental restoration is necessary. Depending on the severity of the condition, fillings, children's crowns, space maintainers or dentures may be used.


If a child's tooth is affected by caries, the removal and subsequent filling of the tooth is essential. As a general rule, we only use cement (glass ionomer cement) or plastic (composite or compomer) as filling material.

The cement filling has a slightly yellowish colour, is somewhat softer than plastic and is paid for in full by the statutory healthinsurance. The plastic filling is tooth-coloured, particularly smooth and is characterised by high resilience and durability. However, the costs are only covered proportionally by the health insurance.

The decision about the filling material is made by the parents of our patients, we support and advise them carefully.

Children’s crowns

If a baby tooth has already been destroyed by caries, a filling is no longer sufficient. The nerve must also be treated and a child's crown follows.

In the posterior region, crowns made of medical stainless steel are used. They allow the restoration of the milk cheek teeth so that the chewing and place-keeping function is maintained. For those who do not want silver "knight" or "princess" teeth, white crowns are also available, although they are more expensive. These are either plastic-veneered metal crowns or all-ceramic crowns (zirconium).

Of course, we only use white crowns for the incisors. This way, even very badly damaged teeth can be preserved.