Practice rooms

We have lovingly designed our practice rooms in cheerful colours and tailored them to the needs of our young patients.


We welcome our patients in the open reception area. The counter is only table-high so that we cannot overlook our little patients.

Waiting room

Children's treatment is unfortunately not always predictable, even though we try to keep our appointments on time. If there is a waiting time, the children can choose between the quiet painting and reading corner in front of the large aquarium and the colourful play corner.

Treatment room

Our colourful treatment rooms have a relaxed atmosphere and are free of scary objects such as injections. Above the child-friendly treatment couches hang televisions showing exciting, age-appropriate cartoons, such as little polar bear or Ice Age.

Anaesthesia area

After the anaesthetic, the children can sleep in comfortably in the company of their parents. Two friendly, hand-painted recovery rooms are available for this purpose: The mouse room and the water turtle room - the children have the choice.