First visit

We want our young patients to experience their (first) visit without fear and to leave our practice with a positive feeling. You can help us to achieve this through conscious behaviour and choice of words! Fear of the dentist is not innate, but learned. Therefore, only speak positively about your own dental experience. Avoid negations and negative language such as "It's not bad", "It won't hurt" or "Don't worry, nothing will happen to you". Also, do not promise your child rewards, they only reinforce the feeling of having to do something unpleasant. Let your child be the sole focus of attention during the appointment. Let them answer our questions and make their own decisions. After the treatment, you may praise your child extensively. This strengthens their self-confidence and motivates them.

After you have made an initial consultation appointment by phone, you can fill out the online forms from the comfort of your own home. This saves paper for all of us.