Laser- und Lichtdiagnostik

The earlier caries is treated, the less damage is done. The LED cold light probe and the DIAGNOdent (laser fluorescence technology) help us to detect dental disease at an absolutely early stage, even before it is visible to the naked eye or noticeable to our patients. With the cold light probe, we shine a powerful light source through the teeth. Due to the different light refraction behaviour of healthy and carious tooth substance, caries appears as a dark shadow. This means that we can often detect even the smallest caries defects - completely painlessly and without any radiation exposure.

Caries risk assessment

The so-called individual caries risk assessment is also one of our services. The assessment of the caries risk is important in order to plan the further care individually and specifically. In addition to checking the dentition (clinical examination of the teeth, mucous membranes, dentition, etc.), we take a careful inventory of nutritional habits, brushing habits and fluoride use, as well as many other factors. If desired, we can examine the condition, composition and pH value of the saliva, as this is an important natural repair mechanism of the teeth.

Digital X-ray

In some cases, an X-ray of the jaw and teeth is useful and indispensable. We recommend an orthopantomogram (see illustration) as a large overview image to analyse tooth development, monitor tooth change and rule out disease. In the case of caries-active children, a smaller detailed X-ray with even less radiation exposure provides early information about diseases, especially if the interdental spaces cannot be seen due to crowding of the teeth. The digital X-ray machine we use is one of the most modern X-ray techniques and reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to analogue X-ray machines.