Treatment concept

Children are particularly open to new experiences. Our aim is to maintain and encourage this childlike curiosity and natural willingness to cooperate by using child-friendly treatment methods. We know what pleases our little patients and ensure a fear-free and positive atmosphere. Our many years of training and experience and our practice, which is specially designed for dental treatment of children, help us to achieve this.

Children are not small adults. They need completely different treatment methods than adult patients. With lots of love, funny stories, hand puppets and magic wands, we create a good atmosphere. Exciting DVDs on the ceiling, distracting word games and hypnosis techniques are also helpful. In addition, we have the option of treating with laughing gas, sedation or anaesthesia. The fact that we explain everything very thoroughly beforehand and work extremely painlessly guarantees a pleasant, successful treatment.

At the first appointment, parents and children have the opportunity to get to know us and our practice better and to build up trust. After the dental diagnosis and the assessment of the child's readiness for treatment, the therapy and further care are planned in a detailed consultation.