Dental Care


If a child's tooth is affected by caries, it is imperative the caries be removed and the tooth subsequently filled. We only utilize cement (Glasionomer-Cement) or synthetic material (Composite or Compomer) as filling material.
The cement filling has a light yellowish color, is a little softer than synthetic material and is fully covered by the statutory health insurance. The synthetic filling has the color of teeth, is especially smooth and is characterized by high mechanical strength and durability. However, the costs are only partly covered by the health insurance.
The decision regarding which filling material is to be used lies with the patient's parents, we support and advise them elaboratively.

Children's Crowns

If a milk tooth is already largely destroyed by caries, a filling is no longer sufficient and children's crown have to be inserted.
In the molar area crowns made of medical stainless steel are used. They allow the restauration of the milk molars, in order that the chewing and placeholder functions are retained. For all who do not want any silver "Knight's Teeth" or "Princess' Teeth", white ones are available. But they are more expensive.