Types of treatment

Local anesthesia

In order to guarantee a painless treatment the sedation of the tooth to be treated is necessary for many medical procedures. Since many children fear syringes and sense the puncture pain as very uncomfortable, we first put our "tooth jam" on the puncture. The gel which tastes of fruit sedates the oral mucosa, and the subsequent anesthetic injection (our "Water of Sleep") only leads to a slight sensation of pressure. Our anesthetic works very quickly: The treatment can begin just half a minute after the anesthetic syringe was used.


Special hypnosis techniques enable a fear- and painless treatment of our little patients. The aim is to put the child into a trance-like condition in which it can concentrate on pleasurable things so much, that the treatment becomes a minor matter. This "switching-off" function is attained by child-oriented plays of words and stories, the use of positive terms (e.g. "you may now...") and continuous physical contact (sense of safety and security). The follow-up support of the child after the treatment together with lots of praise intensifies the positive emotion. Your child will leave our surgery with a good feeling.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

We utilize nitrous oxide especially with small and frightened children. It has a relaxing and anxiolytic effect. It is administered via a small nose mask and puts the young patients into a euphoric state, which decidedly decreases the sensation of pain and the gag reflex. Nitrous oxide is a simple and totally harmless sedation method. After shutting off the supply of nitrous oxide the child is immediately back in a normal state.


In unpleasant medical procedures a sedation (medicinal sedation) using our "magic juice" may be sensible. The child is sedated, a little tired, sometimes even merry. Usually, the patient has no recollection of the dental treatment afterwards, a negative dental experience is avoided. The sedation takes place under an anesthesian's supervision and is absolutely harmless. As in the narcosis your child has to come empty-stomached.


If a small child has heavily destroyed teeth, a narcosis is the best way to perform a dental reconditioning. Before the anesthetist initiates the narcosis proper, the child is given anxiolytic "reassuring juice". Only when the child is fast asleep do the parents leave the operating theatre. The anesthetist and the anesthesia nurse support the patient during the entire narcosis. After the mecial procedure the child is transported to the wake-up room together with their parents, where it can comfortably sleep late, before the anesthetist releases it (approx. 1-2 h). Before the narcosis we inform the parents in a detailed conversation about the exact course of the treatment. The anesthetist is also present during this conversation.